is it still useful to submit to directories

We think that it is still much useful to submit to powerful directories even after Penguin update. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you must try to submit the quality directories. Also it is much better now to submit your websites in their niche directories to give them maximum exposure.


Powerful Directories

In order to market the website it is imperative that the site must be submitted to related forums, powerful Directories to get one way links towards your site. Other things you can do is to send emails to promote the service you are offering through your website. Submitting to Powerful Web Directories can play a very key role in your marketing campaign as it will increase your site power and no. of visitors tremendously. You must not only submit your site to directories but it is also advisable that you advertise on directories or on other related websites. Also if your site is a start up site than you can use various advertising tools like google adwords or other per click campaign which can bring related visitors to your site and thus lead to sale and conversion. For this we will also publish a list of some top notch and powerful directories where the site can be submitted to gain maximum exposure.

Market you site by submitting to webdirectories

Web Directories are best way to market your website. By submitting to the webdirectories you can easily get one way back links. As most of webmasters know that one way backlinks is the best idea to promote a website. Different search engines including google treat links as a vote. If you have back links from an old site with high Page rank then it will pass you its authority and rank as well.

This will result in an increase in your site promotion too. There are 100’s of free directories where you can submit your website for consideration. Once there admins approve your site you site will then start appearing in the proper category of that website. Advice is that you submit your site in the correct category for authors to approve it.